Tesla vehicles rank one of the most sophisticated in the modern automobile industry. Many car enthusiasts are switching to Tesla as the demand for environmentally friendly vehicles increases. However, several brand-new Tesla consumers frequently wonder how to precondition tesla battery.

Quick response

How to precondition Tesla battery? By turning over the preconditioning option inside the Tesla application’s climate control page, you may recondition your batteries. Additionally, you may take advantage of the intelligent preconditioning function, which enables your application to anticipate your driving preferences and adjust your device’s preconditioning settings appropriately. The ability to navigate is yet another function that may successfully prepare your battery.

Your knowledge of the preconditioning of said Tesla cell will be expanded in this essay.


What Is Preconditioning Tesla Battery?

You may utilize a procedure called Tesla cell preconditioning to maximize the use of a cell in your Tesla vehicle. You may enhance the functionality and lifespan of your Tesla cell by simply preconditioning them.

By recharging the car rapidly utilizing a supercharger, you can precondition the Tesla cell and ensure it has the distance to get you wherever you want. For each supercharged charge, Tesla advises preconditioning your battery.

So, let’s look at a precise definition. To charge or use your automobile battery, you must first precondition it by getting it to an appropriate temperature. On particularly chilly winter and sweltering summer days, the battery has to be preconditioned.

Precondition The Battery via the use of the Tesla Application

Through the use of the Tesla app, a Tesla cell may be warmed up. Due to its low temperatures, batteries that are too cold don’t have enough recovery capacity while running.

A chilly battery cannot be recharged by the charging station at its total rate. The ability to plug inside while hardening will significantly reduce traveling energy consumption. The cell will be preconditioned to the ideal temperature using the Tesla app. The Tesla cell can recharge at the proper temperature by being preconditioned.

Preconditioning is a process that occurs while recharging your Tesla in icy conditions. It also happens when prepping your Tesla for Turbocharging. The power requirement may be cut by 25% as a result.

How to precondition Tesla battery?

Let’s examine how to precondition tesla battery because now you understand preconditioning. There are several approaches you may take if you’re among the many Tesla customers, whether you’ve had your vehicle for a short time or even an extended period.

First approach: using the Tesla app

  • With the smartphone, launch the Tesla app.
  • Hit the Climate Control button.
  • Switch on.

The Tesla cell would begin to undergo preconditioning, as well as the app will have to let you know when it is done. You may even alter the temperature to suit your preference, warm your chairs, and activate the front windshield washers to remove icing and snow.

Climate Control would switch on using a cell symbol with a snowflake to serve as preconditioning. The cell is warming up to provide you with the best effectiveness and performance possible.

Selecting the “fan symbol” on any touch panel may activate Climate Control. Hit the fan symbol again and its home button, which will appear under the Climate Control options, to switch that off.

Approach number two: Choosing a Local Charger as a Stopover

The recharging station’s navigational is another option to prepare the Tesla cell. Prepare your Tesla cell for a quicker and more efficient Turbocharging experience.

Tesla introduced a brand-new function in March 2019 entitled On Route Battery Warming up, which enables your car to begin warming the battery anytime you’re heading to a Supercharge outlet.

  • Utilize google to find the Tesla charging point.
  • With the phrase “Preconditioning battery for fast charging,” this should begin preconditioning the batteries after a little delay.

You don’t have to queue for the warning or notification to disappear after you’ve arrived at the power outlet. It will ultimately disappear from the display; all you have to do is plug in the automobile. 

Third Approach: Scheduled Departure

This Scheduled Departure function will assist your vehicle in automatically determining when the optimal moment to begin recharging is and preconditioning before you go.

Specify your future boarding time with the touchscreen’s “Scheduled Departure” option to allow your vehicle to be preconditioned around your timetable. By utilizing Scheduled Departure when connected, you may save a lot of electricity while traveling.

  • Select the Climate Controls options menu by tapping it.
  • Preconditioning should be activated in settings.
  • To establish a moment each day when users desire to be prepared to travel, choose “Schedule.”

The leaving time may be changed, and it can be set for either the entire week or simply the days. Adapt as necessary to suit your preferences. Your automobile gets ready by selecting the ideal moment to charge and precondition again when the moment you specify is established.

Advantages of Preconditioning Tesla Battery

The process of preconditioning the Tesla cell has several advantages.

1. Extended Range with Full Power Output

Preconditioning the Tesla battery is a higher degree of charge. As a result, you will always have more energy at your disposal.

2. Performance Enhancement

The efficiency of your automobile may also be enhanced by preconditioning the Tesla batteries.

How much time do Tesla batteries need to be preconditioned?

You don’t need to prepare a Tesla cell for a specific amount of time. Yet, 20 to 45 mins prior to driving are the most advised window of time for such a preconditioning exercise at residence.

Precondition your cell for 10 to 20 minutes before stopping at a turbocharging station to ensure that DC mode will be used to recharge the battery efficiently. In addition, as you get close to a fast charging outlet on the path, the Tesla would begin preconditioning its cell immediately.


Several of the key elements influencing an electrical power pack is the weather. It slows down how quickly the car can charge, shortens its range, and restricts functions like regenerative braking. Additionally, providing better battery recharging in extremely hot or cold conditions might harm it permanently and shorten its lifespan.

Hence, the cell must be preconditioned or brought to its normal conditions before being charged or used. Preconditioning is a fantastic technique to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your Tesla batteries. The Tesla cell will always be in excellent condition if you follow the instructions.