Electric scooters have quickly become more popular worldwide than bikes in cities. They are better for the environment, cheaper than cars, and offer more personal space than public transportation. But how old do you need to be to ride an electric scooter, what other requirements are to ride them, or what are the safety rules and laws in your state regarding electric scooters? This article will give shocking details about electric scooter riding with country safety rules.  

Even though electric scooters are becoming more popular, it is essential to know the many rules in place. This article will guide you about the age limits, laws and rules that govern electric scooters, so you can always ride safely. Read for more information.


The truth about how old do you need to be to ride an electric scooter

According to states’ rules, different places have different rules about how old you need to ride an electric scooter. Depending on the situation, this age limit might be as low as 11 years old and as high as 18 years old.

Age Limits for US

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Age limits to ride electric scooters differ from one state to another.

There is no standard rule about whether or not 16-year-olds can use electric scooters from one state to the next. Limits are in place for children as young as 14 in Virginia, whereas in Utah, such limits are in force for minors as old as 15. Because there are no age requirements in places like Minnesota and Michigan for those who are allowed to ride an electric scooter, teenagers often misuse them. There is no need to register electric scooters since they are far more secure than mopeds or bicycles. 

But in other states, how old do you need to be to ride an electric scooter depends on their government law. Sometimes, you have to be 16 years to drive in Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Tennessee. In Mississippi, you have to be 14 years old.

Age limits around the world

In many countries, you don’t have to be a specific age to ride an electric scooter, and there are no rules about how old you have to be to ride one. In most European countries, you have to be 14 or 16 to vote. Electric scooters can be used by anyone of any age in the UK.

Safety law for electric scooters

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Electric scooters can be allowed according to an age limit.

As electric scooters are so new, it has taken a while to figure out how to regulate them. In some places, they are not allowed, and in others, there are strict safety rules about how to use them.

If you don’t follow these rules, the police will give you a ticket. When it comes to traffic violations, the law treats a 16-year-old or older child the same as an adult. But the court may ask a minor’s parent or guardian to come to court and pay a fine on the child’s behalf.

License Requirement

In some regions of the country, you need a valid driver’s license or authorization from the local government to ride an electric scooter. Because of this change, the youngest age at which a young person may get a permit to begin driving is 15. In the Golden State, scooters are required to be registered. When it comes to infractions of traffic laws, offenders aged 16 and older often face adult-level prosecution and get adult-level sentences. Inquire about any restrictions at the agency that handles licensing for your region. The following is a rundown of the laws that pertain to the use of electric scooters.

Safety Gears

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The helmet is the best safety wear

As well as being of a specific age and holding a license, several jurisdictions require scooter users always to wear the proper safety gear. Items like helmets, knee pads, arm guards, and other protective gear fall under this category. We recommend that you do so even if it isn’t required by law because of the potential for harm. For peace of mind, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with e-scooter brake repair procedures. To bring your scooter up to date with the latest safety features, you’ll need to know how to modify it without buying a new electric scooter.

How can you be safe according to Safety Rules?

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Follow all your safety gear when using the electric scooter
  • Put on a helmet and shoes with closed toes. E-scooter injuries might not happen or be as bad if you wear a helmet. If an adult falls off an e-scooter, they are just as likely as a child to hit their head.
  • Put on safety gear which includes elbow and knee pads, and gear that shows up in the dark so you can ride at night.
  • Slow down. Getting used to the brake and accelerator tabs on the handles can take some time.
  • No headphones in. Be aware of what’s going on around you.
  • Don’t text and drive. To ride the scooter, you need to use both hands.
  • Do not ride e-scooters on sidewalks, beach paths, or in parks which puts both riders and people on foot at risk of getting hurt.
  • You can’t ride an e-scooter on a highway.
  • If there are bike lanes, use them. Riders should stay on the right side of the road if they don’t use the left side.
  • Don’t ride an e-scooter if you’ve been drinking, taking drugs, or even taking some prescription drugs. In this way, parents should show their kids what to do.


Electric scooter laws are changing not only in the US but also worldwide. Some bad things caused many bad reactions, which made some parts of the world have strict rules. But electric scooters are getting increasingly popular daily so the law needs to be changed to fit their users. We expect that laws that are too strict will become less strict, while usage that is not regulated will become more regulated.

As you can see, there is no one set of rules for electric scooters in the USA. Instead, each state, and sometimes even each city has its own rules. E-scooters are the best way to get around, and many people like how easy they are to use and how good for the environment they are.

No matter what, you should always follow the laws in your area and learn more about them beyond what you’ve read here. Follow the rules in your state at all times and be safe.