Scooters may be broken down into a few primary categories: manual, electric, and dual. Traditional kick scooters are known as manual or hand scooters. It does not have a power supply of any kind. It will ultimately stop rolling if you do not continue to kick it. Electric scooters are powered by a battery which is easier to use. But can I use electric scooter as kick scooter? Here is a complete answer to this frequently asked question:

The word “electric scooter” generally refers to a motorized scooter. It is designed to be moved by the motor that is attached to it. If the battery dies, you can roll it by hand, even though that’s not how it was meant to be used. There is an advanced type called dual scooters. The dual scooter is a scooter that may be used not only as an electric scooter but also as a manual scooter, and it can even convert into a kick scooter.


Can I use electric scooter as kick scooter?

can I use electric scooter as kick scooter
Electric scoter as kick scooter is possible.

The answer is yes, but for a short distance. That means if I only need to travel short distances or the electric scooter battery has died, I can use my electric scooter as a kick scooter. On the other hand, I shouldn’t do this for long distances because it could hurt the scooter.

Also, if we ride an electric scooter by hand, like a kick scooter, we will get tired quickly because the scooter is so heavy. So you will only be able to use your e-scooter as a kick scooter for a short time.

When do I have to use an electric scooter as a kick scooter?

Even though it’s not ideal to use an electric scooter in place of a kick scooter, there are times when it could be necessary. As we explained earlier, your scooter may be used manually as a kick if the battery dies and you need to go home fast, for example, by coasting downhill or with the aid of the wind. Also, when you’re almost there, you can switch your dual scooter to manual mode and use it like a kick scooter to save battery life. But this is possible if you have a dual scooter only.

What is a dual scooter besides electric and kick scooters?

Can I use electric scooter as kick scooter
Dual Scooter makes things easier.

One type of scooter called a “dual scooter” or a “hybrid scooter,” can be used with an electric motor and pedaling. It is made to remove the power and move it with your feet if you want. In a nutshell, it’s designed to cooperate with a kick scooter if and when you need it to.

Surprisingly, the dual scooter is an electric scooter with the exact kick-scooter-like handling and an electric engine and battery. This dual scooter has a two-wheeled vehicle with both gas-powered and electric parts. When the battery dies, or you’re in an area where electric scooters aren’t permitted, you can remove the electric motor and use it as a standard scooter. Consequently, the dual scooter is the most excellent option for kick and electric scooters.

So, most new hybrid scooters have a “manual” button that turns off the motor. Find out from the scooter’s instructions whether it may be pushed fast without risk or if special handling is required. Sounds so easy.

The best thing about the dual scooter concept is that it saves battery life. But you could damage the bearings of some electric scooters if you try to move them by kicking them hard while the engine is off. Manual mode on a dual scooter allows you to push it for as long as possible and in whatever direction you desire.

You may use your feet to propel it if the battery dies. And you can ride it the same way a regular kick scooter would. The time it takes you to go home will be reduced compared to if you were to walk normally. 

What happens if I use my electric scooter as a kick scooter for a long time?

martin katler SwWewDn3CG4 unsplash min
Long rides on regular electric scooters as kick scooters might cause damage.

It’s not a good idea for your regular e-scooter to kick it to make it run faster if the electric motor is on since it might damage the bearings. Doing so may cause damage to the scooter’s electric motors and other moving components. Sometimes, even if trying to kick the ground to move it won’t hurt the motor, you might not be able to move it. Electric scooters are usually a lot heavier than kick scooters.

Is it challenging to ride an electric scooter manually?

Riding a normal e-scooter is exhausting and ineffective because the deck needs to be lowered off the ground.

When the wheels of an electric scooter are more than 15 cm (about 6 inches) in diameter, the manual operation becomes more tiring. This problem is applied to all of the normal e-scooters in the world.

Can you save your battery by riding electric scooter as a kick scooter?

kelly sikkema N4tDi48Ct A unsplash min
Dual purpose electric scooters

Yes, but you need a dual-purpose electric scooter, as we explained before. Simply using your legs to move forward when the electric scooter’s engine is turned off will not drain the battery. Electric scooters that use regenerative braking may be able to get more power even as the rider pushes the vehicle by hand.

Lithium-ion batteries, used in most electric scooters, deteriorate over time. The original batteries in many scooters lose around half their capacity after a few years of usage. The battery’s capacity impacts the device’s range, so conserving juice makes sense.

How to use an electric scooter as a temporary kick scooter

It’s probably not a good idea to use an e-scooter like a kick scooter, but here’s how to do it:

  • Make sure the electric scooter is already turned off.
  • To start using the scooter by hand, put one foot on the deck and then use the other foot to push off.
  • Remember that the electric scooter’s wheels are larger and heavier than a regular kick scooter, so go slowly.
  • Put both feet on the deck and kick as you would on a regular kick scooter once you’re moving.
  • Also, don’t kick too hard; you could hurt the motor or other parts of the scooter.
  • Step off the scooter or use the hand brake to stop.


We hope we have addressed your concerns about using an electric scooter as a kick scooter. Still, do you think electric scooters will replace regular kick scooters? 

As a summary for the article, riding an electric scooter like a kick scooter might potentially cause harm to the engine as well as the other components of the scooter, and we do not feel that doing so is a brilliant idea unless you don’t own a dual purpose scooter. In that case, expected scooters are simpler to ride than electric ones because of the lesser weight of the expected scooters.

In contrast, electric scooters are more troublesome to ride because of the bigger wheels on the electric scooters. But it does not say no to your main problem. You can ride your standard e-scooter as a kick scooter for a short distance at a slow speed and with a lot of effort.

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