America’s love for SUVs was always high, but that came at the cost of causing environmental pollution. SUVs’ sporty speed and engine cause much more carbon dioxide emissions than any other road vehicle. Fortunately, the rise of electric SUVs has helped cut down on this. Electric SUVs offer an eco-friendlier alternative to SUV fans.


What are the best electric SUVs?

To decide which SUV is the best, I will be using a rating from Edmunds. Edmund experts test SUVs on a 115-mile journey through freeways, canyons, and streets. The data gathered contributes to their overall ratings. They decide based on elements like performance, comfort, interior, technology, utility, and value. Edmunds records their score in 10-point ratings. They are very particular about the accuracy and credibility of ratings, and a lot of genuine hard work goes into these ratings.

If you have an idea to buy an electric SUV but need to decide which model to go for, read below for the highest-rated electric SUVs and what makes them stand out from the rest.

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Kia Niro EV

This is one of the best SUVs on the lot, with a strong rating of 8.3 out of 10. Kia Niro was introduced in 2019. It has a roomy cabin, it’s fun to drive, and it has an incredible 285 miles of range without having to charge. The Kia Niro costs $39,090-$44,650.

Kia Niro has a spacious interior, with five seats and plenty of storage space. It has a fantastic one-touch sunroof. Since it is an EV, it has crossover versatility but with zero emissions. There is also a ten-year/100,000-mile battery and powertrain warranty. What’s more, you can add a 100 miles range in less than thirty minutes on compatible 100kWh DC fast chargers.

Kia Niro offers many driver mode options like sport, eco, or normal to suit our personal travel needs. Other features of this SUV include a remote stating option, climate control, and find my car GPS. And yes, in addition, it is the cool Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control integration that makes it a brilliant car.

This SUV also comes with many, many more amazing features. Some are: an onboard power generator to charge laptops, electric bikes, or camping equipment. It has heated steering wheels and heated seats to keep the cold at bay. And it also has navigation-based smart cruise control and standard features like blind-spot detection and auto emergency braking technology.

Hyundai loniq 5 Limited AWD

The Hyundai loniq 5 stands out because of its retro-themed styling and latest in design. It is generously equipped and costs about $39,950-$55,000. On real-world tests, it can drive up to 270 miles on full battery before it needs to recharge. It scores an 8.3 out of 10 from Edmunds.

The SUV’s electrical architecture is also compatible with high-powered DC fast charging stations, which is a plus. Fully charging the battery at a high power station takes less than 20 minutes. Like the Kia Niro, this EV also allows you to charge laptops and other electric devices with the car’s battery pack.

The Hyundai Ionic 5 s also easy to handle. It has excellent traction and accelerates smoothly from 0 to 60mph in just 4.7 seconds. There is both regenerative braking and a friction brake system to help recharge the battery pack. It’s incredibly noiseless, has comfortable interiors, and drives smoothly over bumps. The Hyundai loniq 5 is pretty straightforward in operation. It has no fancy new handling systems that it takes getting used to. So this SUV can be driven easily.

The lonic 5 also has the Hyundai’s Bluelink app, which allows owners to control many functions. You can use the app to turn on the heater or air conditioning, set charge limits, or locate charge points in the app. It also has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity that can easily be controlled through its 12.3-inch touchscreen.
So you can understand from above that if you decide to go for an electric SUV, the Hyundai loniq 5 is definitely worth the buy.

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BMW iX xDrive50

This is by far one of the best-rated electric SUVs at a whopping 8.4 from Edmunds. This electric BMW is very spacious, comfortable, surprisingly efficient, and wonderfully agile. This is BMW’s first electric SUV, and it beats the rest by a mile.

The BMW iX is the company’s most tech-savvy vehicle so far. What highlights this SUV above the rest is its special features. Smart features include an augmented reality system for the navigation system, an electrochromic sunroof that can switch from transparent to opaque, and even the capacity to park in tricky parking spots remotely. How awesome is that?

The iX is also the first BMW to have an iDrive 8 infotainment system featuring good voice control and personalized user profiles. According to Edmunds, it has a more refined and luxurious driving experience than Tesla Model X. And it outruns Audi –Tron in sportiness. Its only downside is its steep cost, at around $84,195. If you have the money to spend, then this SUV is well worth the price. Its extended warranty period is also an added advantage.

The BMW iX is also very easy on the road. Because its heavy batteries are set low, it turns corners very smoothly. The SUV even can slow down from 60mph to a dead stop at 114 feet. And it can accelerate to an impressive 60mph in only 4.2 seconds.

The iX has a plush and comfortable interior. Most of its controls are based on a touch screen. The BMW’s efficiency ranges to an incredible 315-377 miles on a single charge. So that makes the BMW iX the most efficient electric SUV of all. It uses a minimal 32kWh per 100 miles distance. It is also DC fast charging compatible and recharges to a full battery in around 40 minutes.

Genesis GV60 Performance.

electric SUVs

What makes the Genesis one of the best electric SUVs is that it has an unbeatable warranty. The vehicle is also high-tech, smooth, powerful, and comfortable. It costs a trim $59,290-$68,290 and is well worth the price. The electric SUV’s efficiency ranges from 248-274 mile performance on a single battery charge.

The best news about Genesis GV60 is that it supports high-power DC charging and can recharge to full power in just 18 minutes. The Genesis, therefore, excels in performance. Its drives smoothly and has a sound brake system that stops from 60mph at 115 feet. The SUV also offers complimentary maintenance for three years and two years of free DC charging on the Electrify America public charging network.

Choosing the correct SUV for you.

Electric SUVs provide a clean alternative to carbon dioxide-emitting combustion cars. It requires less maintenance and saves on money spent on gas. If you are contemplating buying an electric SUV, consider your budget, the general distance you intend to travel, and how many years you expect it to last.

Please read our article on the cost of charging electric vehicles before you decide. Choose a car with high ratings that will benefit you in the long run. If you can afford it, I think the best electric SUV of the lot would definitely be the BMW iX.