What is the Renault Twizy?

The Renault Twizy is a small compact electric vehicle that has been popular in the U.S. market since it first launched in 2012. Yes, the Twizy is the cute, extroverted, and impractical baby of the electric vehicle industry. But despite the Renault Twizy being popular, it may not be practical to most people and definitely not worth the money.

The Renault Twizy is classified as a quadricycle and not a car. A quadricycle is a cross between a car and a cycle. The twizy is meant for those who want a vehicle safer than a bicycle and less expensive than a car. It is definitely the cheapest electric vehicle, but at a starting price of $12,000, it’s not cheap either.

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Features of Renault Twizy

Though the vehicle looks like a one-seater at first glance, it also has a passenger seat located behind the driver. But the passenger seat is more suitable for children than for adults. ‘Twizy’ comes from the word twin, meaning twin seater and easy, as in easy-to-use.

It has a small glove compartment with a lock and a small 31l storage space at the back.
The Renault Twizy has no navigation devices or audio systems. It only has a gadget that allows you to answer calls on the speaker. The simple display screens show speed and the battery level.
Other features include an airbag and seatbelts, though you are not required to wear seatbelts when driving a quadricycle.
There are two versions of the Renault Twizy available- Expression and Dynamique. The Expression is the starter model with an instrument panel. It has an electric windscreen demister and plastic wheel trims. The Dynamique comes in with a choice of 20 different colors and 13-inch alloy wheels.

The Renault Twizy Cargo

The Renault Twizy Cargo is an adaption of the Twizy into a mini cargo hauler. It is designed with a load area instead of the passenger seat. The Twizy Cargo can carry a maximum of 165 pounds. The rear door of the Twizy cargo opens 90 degrees to load weight easily.
The Twizy Cargo 45 Life MA L6e has a 5-horsepower electric motor, while the Twizy cargo Life MB L7e has a 17hp electric motor.
Is the Twizy cargo really able to carry weights? And Edmunds says: If you are only hauling baguettes or bouquets.

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Some pros of Renault Twizy

There are a few advantages to the vehicle. The foremost is that it is convenient for short rides, like quick trips to the grocery store or picking up your kids from school. What makes Twizy popular is that it is small and incredibly cute.

In addition, the Twizy is electric-powered. So it saves you money on gas or from visiting the gas station. It’s clean and eco-friendly, having zero emissions.
The Renault Twizy also requires less parking space and is fit for driving down narrow lanes due to its compact size.

It is also very easy to charge as it comes with an in-built charging device that does not need extra hardwired installation to use. The three-point charging cable can be plugged into any regular household socket. It can recharge to its maximum in three and a half hours. That’s fast compared to most EVs.

That being said, if there is another reason anyone would want to buy a Renault. It is because it’s entertaining to use. It beats conventional vehicles in this regard, and many would love to ride a Renault.

The Twizy comes with a fair warranty of up to three years, unlimited mileage for the first 24 months, and an additional mileage of 60,000 for the following year. It also has three years of free roadside assistance.

The many cons of Renault Twizy

The Twizy is an impractical vehicle option for most because it has no protection from the elements. The winds whip you as you drive by, and you get wet if it rains. However, the vehicle does not get damaged due to being exposed. The same cannot be said of you, so you must wrap yourself appropriately before a ride.

The Renault could be smoother. Riding on it is akin to riding on horseback because it is very bumpy and harsh. Moreover, it is not built for speed, so it’s not very fast. Its maximum speed does not exceed 45 mph. Its efficiency rate is only 30-50 miles on a single charge. And also, due to low-speed capacity, the Twizy is not authorized to drive on highways.

The Renault Twizy comes without doors or windows. You can buy the version with small side doors for $1000 extra. The Twizy feels like an electric bicycle but is not as fast or efficient in tackling traffic, making the regular electric scooter an infinitely better option.
The Twizy also has a low resale value. So if you plan to sell, you lose a lot of money.

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Why would anyone want to buy a Renault Twizy?

The car may be an impractical choice that is expensive and not worth the price. Yet we see the Twizy being sold all around the world. If there is a sensible reason why it’s simply because Twizys are fun to drive and cool to have.

When you drive down narrow lanes with the wind whipping past, your hair flying in the wind, and you are in danger of being jolted out of you the next hurdle you cross, you think it’s crazy but fun at the same time. And you can’t help but love the dear little car that gave you such a wonderful time.

But of course, only some people are going to agree with me. And I totally understand that. Who in the world would want to buy a car that costs $12,000 that is not fast enough, not big enough, and doesn’t even have proper doors? Definitely, not someone in the right mind. Please read this article for better compact car options.
And the rest, who want to go ahead and buy the car anyway? Live life to the fullest and have fun!