Electric Vehicles


There are many car companies in the U.S.A whose efforts in producing eco-friendly transport has to be applauded. Most of these companies were originally producers of gasoline-powered cars, but when the need for cleaner vehicles arose, each of them produced electric cars with their unique styles. Let’s look at some such companies that are based in the United States and what kind of electric vehicles they produce.

Electric cars are pretty expensive to buy compared to gasoline-powered combustion cars. But people go ahead and buy them anyway. While some intentions may be to leave a greener carbon footprint behind, most opt for electric cars because they save us money from gas. They assume that years and years of money saved from gas would build up a lot in savings. Stop. 

Electric cars may save money from gasoline, but there are so many additional costs you didn’t see coming. Let us count how much it takes to charge your EV.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are relatively much more expensive to buy. And naturally, by costing more, some highly expensive electric cars now symbolize a privileged social position and status quo. But wait. Before you are charmed by the touch screen pads, Alexa voice devices, Spotify, and the luxurious seats of a Tesla, have you ever wondered why the insurance premium of EVs is higher than gasoline-powered cars? Read on to learn the bare truths.