Best Small Electric Cars in the USA – Introduction

If you’re interested in electric cars, it’s essential to know that there are many options on the market. Electric cars are costly, but several different models cost less than $30k, depending on your budget and driving needs. These are the best small electric cars for sale in the U.S.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re in the market for a car. Size, fuel economy, safety features, and more all factor into your decision.

If you’re looking for something small, affordable, and good-looking, the best electric cars in the U.S. may suit you. They’re all small enough to fit into most garages and are designed with drivers in mind. Here are some popular choices:

Ford Focus Electric

Best Small Electric Cars in the USA

The Ford Focus Electric is a small electric car with a range of 76 miles, a fast charging time of 30 minutes, and an MSRP of $29,995. It’s the most affordable E.V. on this list and one of the most popular cars for buyers in their late twenties or early thirties who want something reliable and cost-effective.

Focus Electric was introduced in 2013 as an alternative to gas-powered vehicles like trucks or SUVs. Still, it made little impact in 2016, when it became one of only two new models released by Ford (the other being the Escape).

The company saw an opportunity to offer consumers more options around eco-friendly transportation by offering something that could be used as a daily driver while still being green enough not to require any modifications beyond its battery pack. This means no need for extra equipment like solar panels!

This model comes equipped with two electric motors: one provides torque. At the same time, another generates the energy necessary for propelling forward motion through regenerative braking capabilities during instances where you’re not accelerating quickly enough (like driving uphill).

This allows drivers who live in off-road terrain areas such as forests where there aren’t many roads available to access them safely without worrying about potential hazards lying ahead either. Because they don’t know what awaits them ahead, thus making traveling safer than ever since there won’t be any accidents due to lackluster maintenance practices undertaken by previous owners before getting rid themselves of owning such machinery.

Ford’s Focus Electric is an attractive option for those looking for an electric car with more than just a range. It’s also one of the most affordable models, with a starting price of $37,995.

The Focus Electric comes standard with keyless entry and push-button start; it has a rearview camera, and it can go up to 110 miles on a single charge—or about 70 miles if you’re using its 240V charger (which takes about 20 hours).

Hyundai Kona Electric

The Hyundai Kona Electric is a tremendously small electric car. It has a range of up to 240 miles and a fast charging system. It has an 8.0-inch touchscreen display, making it easy to use while driving or sitting in your favorite spot at home—or both! The interior space is enormous, with room for two adults, three kids, or small pets like dogs or cats!

There are also many safety features, including a braking assist and automatic emergency braking when you’re on the highway (make sure you don’t hit anyone else!)

Fiat 500e

The Fiat 500e is one of the best small electric cars on the market. It’s affordable, offers excellent range and charging times, and has safety features like automatic emergency braking and blind spot monitoring. With a starting price of $32,995, it’s hard to beat this value compared to other small EVs like the Nissan Leaf.

The Fiat 500e is an electric car with a range of 84 miles on a single charge, which can be completed in about seven hours. Its electric motor produces 111 horsepower and accelerates 0-60 mph in 8.4 seconds (0-100 km/h in 9.2 seconds). It has an A.C. charging port that can be used to recharge your car at home, but it will only work with specific CHAdeMO chargers; if you have one of those chargers, you can plug the Fiat into your wall socket while driving!

Chevrolet Spark E.V.

The Chevrolet Spark E.V. is your best choice if you’re looking for a small electric car that can do it all. The Spark E.V. is available in three trims: base, mid-level, and top-of-the-line. The base model starts at $32,495 and includes the following:

  • Many standard features like power windows, locks, and mirrors.
  • Cruise control.
  • Keyless entry.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • A stereo system with a USB input jack/auxiliary input jack (which allows users to plug their phones right into the car).
  • Air conditioning with driver’s side airbag (there’s also an optional passenger-side airbag if passengers need extra protection).

The mid-level trim adds more options, such as a traction control system without the traction control wheel standard on all models except for Cabriolet versions which get both systems included with their retail price tag added onto each vehicle purchase cost.

This means that instead of paying a bit more upfront for these additional features upfront when buying one off dealer lot like most people do nowadays due to how expensive things are getting nowadays due to inflation issues plus overall economic uncertainty around global markets.

The Chevrolet Spark E.V. is an affordable electric vehicle starting at $38,495 with options like leather seats and a navigation system. But if you want something even cheaper than this, consider purchasing an inexpensive used car instead because they’re all going to cost much less over time than newer models like those listed above would be worth after only one year!

The Chevrolet Spark E.V. is a small electric car you can drive around. It has an electric motor, so it doesn’t have an engine or transmission, which makes it a lot faster than most other cars on the market. It also has a much longer range than other cars in its class (82 miles), so you’ll never be stuck running out of juice while driving down the highway.

The Spark E.V. comes with two charging options: 240V outlet and 110V outlet—but both take about 8 hours to recharge your battery pack fully! You’ll need either one of these outlets if you live near one (or both) of them; otherwise, they won’t be able to charge your car at all.

Nissan Leaf

Best Small Electric Cars in the USA

The Nissan Leaf is an excellent car for those who want a small electric vehicle but want to avoid paying the total price. This may be the right choice if you’re looking for something to get you around town and into shopping malls without breaking the bank

The range on this model is around 93 miles per charge (250km). That’s not bad, considering it’s slightly smaller than most other compact cars available today. The acceleration is also excellent—it can hit 60mph in under 8 seconds! And the braking performance was good, too: stopping from 60mph took just over 100 feet; some models stopped even shorter thanks to regenerative braking or rear disc brakes (both available options).

The Nissan Leaf is a five-door hatchback electric car. It’s the world’s best-selling highway-capable all-electric car and has a 100 kilowatt (134 horsepower) electric motor with 107 lb.-ft. Of torque. The lithium-ion battery pack consists of 24 modules arranged in 6 groups of 6 cells each, giving it a total capacity of 48 kWh and an estimated range between 100 miles (160 km) and over 200 miles (320 km).

The Nissan Leaf is the best small electric car in America. It’s a fully electric vehicle with a range of 150 miles per charge, meaning you can drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles without using any gas!

Nissan Leaf has an impressive acceleration time: from 0-60 mph in under 10 seconds. On top of that, it also gets excellent fuel economy: up to 84 mpg on city streets and 80 mpg on highways (which puts it up with other vehicles).

Smart Electric Drive

Smart Electric Drive has a range of 82 miles, a top speed of 93 mph, and an electric motor that produces 80 horsepower. The price? $25,000—but it’s worth it! This small electric car got five stars for safety in government crash tests and was named Car of the Year by Motor Trend magazine.

The rear-wheel drive vehicle can reach 80 mph, making it one of the fastest cars on this list. It also has a top speed of 81 mph, making it one of the most potent electric vehicles on this list.

The Smart ForTwo Electric Drive has an 18 kWh battery pack that allows up to 93 miles per charge when fully charged down to 25% capacity in just over five hours using its Type 2 D.C. fast charger (70 kW).

The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is an all-electric version of the iconic Smart Fortwo. It has a top speed of 93mph and a range of 93 miles, which can be extended with its 30 kWh battery pack (which adds $10,000 to the price). The new car has an 0-60 time of 8.3 seconds, which makes it more than half a second faster than its gas-powered counterpart—and one-tenth as fast as your average Tesla Model X!

Chevrolet Bolt

The Chevrolet Bolt EV is a small electric car with a range of 238 miles and costs $37,495. It has a motor power of 200 hp and 266 pound-feet and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 7 seconds.

The Bolt EV features an all-electric powertrain with a 60 kWh battery capable of delivering 238 miles on a single charge. The vehicle also has two motors. One is located at the front axle (front drive), which provides propulsion, while the second motor behind the front axle (rear-wheel drive) spins off energy from braking or accelerating so you can travel further than ever before without having to stop!

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

The Ioniq Electric is an excellent option for those looking for a small car that’s also electric. It has an EPA-estimated range of 124 miles and can go up to 80 mph, but the real selling point is its affordability. With prices starting at $29,950 (including destination), this sedan isn’t as expensive as many other EVs today—the Tesla Model 3 was reported to cost $37,500 when it went on sale last year.

And unlike other E.V.s that are either too large or too expensive for daily driving (the Nissan Leaf), the Ioniq Electric offers practicality without sacrificing performance or features like heated seats or smartphone integration.

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric is a five-door hatchback that offers 124 miles on a single charge. It has an electric range of 124 miles and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 8.2 seconds. It also has an optional range extender (REX) that allows you to charge your car up at home or work, but only after it’s fully charged and ready for use again.

Volkswagen e-Golf

The V.W. e-Golf is a great car. It’s affordable, fun to drive, and suitable for commuting. Plus, it’s good for families or people who want to save money on gas. The car has enough space for five passengers, and there are plenty of options for charging stations near your home or office so you can charge on the go without spending extra money on an electric charger.

The V.W. e-Golf is a small electric car with a range of up to 124 miles per charge. It has a battery that can be charged in just over five hours and reach a top speed of 93 mph thanks to its two electric motors. The e-Golf uses a plug-in hybrid drivetrain—a combination of internal combustion and battery power—which gives this vehicle its high MPGe rating: 83 MPGe combined.

This model also comes standard with Apple CarPlay functionality, so you can use your iPhone for navigation and other driving purposes (you’ll need an iOS device). The charging port is under the hood; it accepts both 110v household plugs as well as 240v commercial outlets like those found at gas stations or fast food restaurants.

The Volkswagen e-Golf is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an electric car. It has a range of 125 miles per charge and can go from 0 to 60 in 11 seconds.

The e-Golf offers all the benefits of an electric vehicle, including zero emissions and no carbon footprint. Still, it also includes the excellent driving dynamics that come with the V.W. brand name.

Volkswagen e-Up!

The Volkswagen e-Up! It is an all-electric vehicle that can travel up to 93 miles on a single charge. It’s priced at $23,490 and offers a range extender for longer trips. Its cargo capacity is 38.3 cubic feet—perfect for carrying groceries or other items without needing extra trunk space in your car.

The e-Up! It comes in four colors: white, black, blue, and red with silver accents—and it’s available with a range extender as well (which you should consider if you plan on driving long distances). If charging overnight isn’t feasible for you right now, then don’t worry: The e-Up! ‘s battery can be fully charged within six hours using just one 240-volt charger (the same type used by many garages).

Kia Soul E.V.

The Kia Soul E.V. is the smallest and cheapest electric car on this list. It has a range of just under 100 miles, but it’s still enough to get you from point A to point B. Since it only costs $24,000 (before incentives), it’s a great option if you don’t need much more.

The Soul E.V. also has good performance ratings, although they fluctuate depending on how many miles per charge your battery can handle. In general, though, owners are satisfied with its performance because there aren’t any significant complaints about how fast or slow the car feels compared with other electric vehicles today.

The Kia Soul E.V. is a $34,500 compact electric car for people who want to drive around town or visit friends and family. It has a range of up to 160 miles on one charge and can travel at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. The car also has power windows and locks, keyless entry with push-button start (a feature I love!), Bluetooth connectivity, and more!

The five best small electric cars in the USA

The USA’s five best small electric cars are the Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Ioniq Electric, Volkswagen e-Golf, and Kia Soul E.V.

These cars are all very similar in terms of power output and size. They have about 215 horsepower each and can get around 100 miles per charge on city streets. They also come with a range of up to 287 miles per charge (or more).

Tesla Model 3

Best Small Electric Cars in the USA

The Tesla Model 3 is a good choice for people who want a small electric car. It has a range of 220 miles and can go up to 130mph. The 0-60mph time is 5.6 seconds, which makes it one of the fastest cars on the market today! This all-electric vehicle can be bought for around $35,000 (although some models have been sold for as little as $25k).

BMW i3

BMW’s i3 is the best small electric car in the United States. The i3 has a range of 114 miles, so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice on your commute or any other trip you might take. You can get one in three different trim levels: S ($41,700), S.E. ($50,650), and performance ($53,200).

The base model has an EPA-rated range of 84 miles but can be upgraded with some aftermarket parts to increase its range to 113 miles per charge. Another option is to go all-electric by adding $1k worth of lithium-ion batteries (which will give up to 93 miles per charge) or $2k worth of charging stations at home or work (which will allow for unlimited charging within an area).

The top speed for this small car is 93 mph thanks to its electric motor powertrain—but don’t try this yourself! You probably wouldn’t make it past 50 mph before hitting something like another vehicle or building around the corner. Please don’t try this at home unless it’s safe for everyone involved, including pedestrians nearby!

The best part about this vehicle is its price tag—it costs less than most other luxury vehicles today! This makes it an excellent choice for those looking for something reliable but doesn’t want to spend too much money upfront.

The BMW i3 is an incredible electric car with a range of up to 81 miles on a single charge, which can be charged in as little as three hours. It has an average speed of 65 mph, so you’ll need to keep your speed below that for the battery to last more than 100 miles.

The i3 has plenty of safety equipment, including automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping assist systems.

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe is an electric car capable of going 150 miles on a single charge, which is ideal for most drivers. It also can hit 93 mph and accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 10 seconds. This model costs $40,000 but has additional features such as a sunroof and leather seats.

The Renault Zoe is one of the best small electric cars in the United States. It’s available in three trim levels: base, mid-range, and top-of-the-line (ZOE).

The base model has a range of 150 miles and can be charged up to 80 percent capacity in just 30 minutes using a standard 3-phase plug. The mid-range model has a range of 250 miles, while the top-of-the-line ZOE has an additional 200 miles on top of its standard 300-mile range, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice again!

Renault’s commitment to green technology extends beyond its vehicles—they also ensure they’re environmentally friendly by using recycled materials wherever possible and offsetting all their carbon emissions through carbon credits purchases each year instead!

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Hummer HX

The Hummer HX is a four-door car with a top speed of 60 mph and an available battery with enough range to cover 100 miles on average. The interior is spacious, but some people may find the seats uncomfortable due to their lack of lumbar support.

The Hummer HX comes equipped with a 320-volt charging system that can charge its batteries in just over four hours at home or work—but it takes eight hours to reach full power after being plugged in overnight (which means you’ll need someone nearby who knows how to plug into 220 volts).

The Hummer HX is a large SUV that can seat up to seven people. It has plenty of room for cargo and passengers, but it could be more suitable for urban driving due to its size and weight. The Chevrolet Spark E.V. is an electric vehicle (E.V.) made by General Motors, which has been available since 2013 as a 2011 model year vehicle in California only. It has an EPA-rated range of 84 miles on one charge under ideal conditions (upgradable battery pack).


As you can see, there are a lot of great options out there when it comes to small electric cars. You’ll be able to find one that suits your needs and your budget, so pick the one that sounds like it suits you best!

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