Owning a Tesla for a lower cost may be on your dreams and targets list in 2023. If so, Tesla 3 is the option. But is it worth buying a Tesla 3?

Tesla is directly responsible for showing that electric cars can be exciting, attractive, and affordable thanks to their high-performing EVs.

We all know that there are 04 types of Teslas: Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. also, they say that CyberTruck, Roadster, and Model 2 are some types yet to come.

The invention of these models proves how Tesla has captured our imaginations in the USA. 70% of Electronic Vehicle (EV) sales are in the USA also proves how Tesla is smoothly handling the market share. 

This success is due to many reasons like unbeatable range, innovative use of technology, and their thorough rethink of interior car design. But it also can be due to pricing. 

interior car design

As early as 2006, Elon Musk predicted that Tesla would offer attractive electric cars at prices that most customers could buy. This dream came true with the launch of the Tesla Model 3 in 2017 and the Model Y small SUV three years later, which helped Tesla dominate the EV market in 2018 with more than 936,000 vehicles delivered.


Be different and Buy Tesla.

Tesla 3 is exceptional. The unique designs and massive branding are brilliant. Working with Tesla directly when buying a Tesla 3, regardless of the Model or trim level, is different from working with a third-party sales force when buying a traditional car brand. They also offer customized collections.

Buy Tesla

Prices of Tesla’s

Now the next question is about the price. Here is the answer to that question. 

A Tesla can range from $46,990 to $160,990, depending on the Model you select and the additional features you want for the car.

ModelVersionMax RangeBase PriceFully Loaded
Model 3Rear wheel drive272 miles$ 46,990$ 63,490
 Long Range358 miles$ 57,990$ 74,490
 Performance315 miles$ 62,990$ 77,990
Model YLong Range330 miles$ 65,990$ 86,990
 Performance303 miles$ 69,990$ 85,990
Model S 405 miles$ 104,990$ 125,990
 Plaid396 miles$ 135,990$ 156,990
Model X 351 miles$ 120,990$ 149,490
 Plaid333 miles$ 138,990$ 160,990


  • The max range each variant can travel while using its most fuel-efficient features. All estimates were given by Tesla, which has been accused of exaggerating advertised ranges.
  • Price (Full Loaded) after the most expensive modifications and add-ons, such as Full Self Driving Capability, are included.

Tesla 3

Now it is clear that the cheapest Tesla model is the Model 3. 

The official starting price of Model 3 in 2022 is $ 46,990. Model 3 is the top-selling Electric Vehicle in the world. The sale was recorded as half a million in 2021.

Model 3 includes a standard 8-year battery and powertrain warranty and a 4-year/50,000-mile basic vehicle warranty, just like all Teslas. The Model 3 Long Range has a starting price of $57,990 and extends your range by 86 miles. All four wheels are driven.

In exchange for quicker acceleration, the top Performance trim, which has a starting price of $62,990, sacrifices some additional range. Additionally, it has extras like 20″ wheels and alloy pedals.

Are you looking for a Tesla for $35,000? 

Elon Musk did, after all, repeatedly promise that the Model 3 would be this expensive. Although it was available from Tesla, this Model was discontinued in 2021. It was a hard-to-find, “off-menu” item.

Though this review on Tesla 3, We can’t forget others as well. So here is a quick review of them.

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Though this review on Tesla 3, We can’t forget others as well. So here is a quick review of them.

For more info, read Best about Tesla

Model Y

If you have more budget, you can buy a Model Y. 

It is not surprising that the Model Y drives, feels, and appears very similar to the Model 3, given that they share many similar components. The Model Y’s larger size, which offers more space for passengers and cargo, is the crucial difference.

The Model Y Long Range has two different seating options: the standard two-row layout, which can hold five passengers, or a three-row layout, which can hold seven passengers, for an additional $3,000.

The Model Y Performance, which has a starting price of $69,990, offers a sportier ride with a more luxurious interior.

Tesla S

The starting prices for the Model S Long Range and Plaid models are $104,990 and $135,990, respectively. 

In 2021, the Model S received long overdue performance upgrades and new features, including the contentious steering yoke. The redesign raised the starting price of the Model S by over $10,000, bringing it to its present amount.

The Tesla model with the fastest top speed is the three-motor Model S Plaid. The fastest mass-market vehicle in existence, it has a maximum speed of 200 mph and can speed up to 60 mph starting from 0 in just 1.99 seconds. Starting at $135,990 is this version.

Tesla X

Model X is also known for its unique ‘falcon-wing’ doors. 

A recent redesign of the Model X resulted in several price increases. While the Model X currently retails for $120,990, the Model X Plaid starts at $138,990. With Tesla Inc.’s consent.

The Model X has three standard seating configurations: 5, 6, and 7. The 6-seater option, which uses captain’s chairs, offers the most space but raises the price by $6,500.

The quicker, more opulent Model X Plaid model is offered and starts at $138,990. Only the 6-seat layout is offered as a seating option. 

State-level rewards

Some states offer substantial tax breaks and cash incentives for EV purchases.

The “Clean Fuel Reward” encouragement is available for brand-new electric vehicle purchases in California. The maximum amount offered to start in November 2021 is $750; all Tesla models are eligible for the total amount. Additionally, the state provides a $2,000 income-based rebate on less expensive electric vehicles.

When purchasing an EV openly in Colorado, you can receive a state tax credit of $2,500 or $1,500 if you lease one.

In addition, some states provide unlimited access to High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes and reduced or free tolls.

Teslas are no longer eligible for the federal EV tax credit.

At the end of 2019, it declared the federal EV rebate for Tesla vehicles had ended.

Are Tesla 3 vehicles worth the cost?

Despite being the least affordable vehicle, tesla 3 s provide a lot of value for the money.

They don’t emit emissions, have high safety ratings, provide exceptional driving performance, and have extensive driving distances. In particular, compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles, they also have low operating costs.

So again and again, Tesla 3 is the Cheapest and it is worth money.